Within Only Three Steps, You Can Brew Perfect Oolong Tea

The unique, brief content in this article is just to tell you an elementary way to steep oolong tea. It’s very short, and you can look at this as an appetizer because there are more than 5 ways to brewing I will supply you with very soon.

And at this point, for those who actually inquiring the possible methods to brew oolong tea, read on, and you should see what I mean.

First of all, it’s best not to neglect the incredible importance of water! Spring water definitely makes the very best tea, though not each person has gain access to this kind of water. If it turns out spring water isn’t available to you, then allow your faucet water to sit disclosed for 1 day, letting the chlorine escape.

After that bring the water to merely below boiling point (around 85-95c). Then load the teapot with oolong tea around 1/7 of the volume of the teapot. Add the teapot halfway with nearly boiling-water, then simply swirl the teapot for around ten seconds. This infusion is just not for drinking instead allows the leaves to unfurl.

Right after ten seconds dump out the imbued water and instantly re-fill the pot. This first steep has to be withinfairly shortperiod of time(around 30-50 secs), although according to quality and intensity of the leaves you might want to try a little. Then the tea is poured through the strainer as expected, it is advisable to enjoy your very first brewing! If your tea is of good condition, you will be able to take pleasure in close to 8 steeps prior to taste becomes weak.

If you still have some questions, or want to know more, feel free to contact me, I will reply asap.

Try it out today, and happy steeping.

Talk to you soon..

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