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Jasmine Dragon Pearl

I couldn’t get enough of this tea! Not to mention the health benefits of white tea!
This is a masterpiece from Fujian province, south of China. White Jasmine Dragon Pearl is a famous hand-tied tea, made of Baihao sliver needle or GONGFU black tea leaves with Jasmine aroma.
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Blooming Flower Tea Description

Blooming Flower Tea Description

Blooming Flower Tea Description
A delicate flower blooms inside this ball tea just before tiny flowers slowly cascade upward like Champagne bubbles inside a glass flute. The flowers add their intoxicating fragrance and strong taste to our delectably smooth green tea. Our Blooming Tea Ball offers one of the most artful spectacles in [...]

Is White Tea the Healthiest?

The antioxidants in white tea have been shown to reduce the risk of four of the major health problems and causes of death in the Western societies, namely stroke, heart failure, cancer and diabetes. Among others, the antioxidant known as EGCG demonstrates considerable activity against many kinds of cancer, while also appearing to protect the [...]

Don’t Over Brew Tea

The biggest mistake made in brewing tea is to over brew it!
This is a fact, and is the most common mistake made when brewing tea.   Not how long you brew it, but, forgetting about the tea entirely, Then, coming back later to find out that you’ve way over brewed it. In this world [...]

Blend Your Own Tea

How do you blend you own tea?
Well, it’s pretty easy once you get the knack of it!
First of all, understand there are teas and tisanes.  Teas use the Camellia Sinensis leaf in one of many varieties or forms: White, Green, Oolong, Black, & Puerh teas are the basic varieties.  Tisanes are all teas made from [...]

Wild Blueberry Pie Tea Blend

Cut me a big slice of pie to go with my tea please! This tastes just like I’m slurping down a piece of blueberry pie! I love blueberries and know all of you will too!
How would you like a cup of pure candy…sweet and fresh? Starting with the Organic Green and White Tea, and adding Wild Blueberries [...]

Can Green Tea Improve Skin Health?

Tea For Healthy Skin

Tea For Healthy Skin
If you search for skin care there might be a chance that you run into a product along the lines of “Green Tea Lotion” or “Green Tea for Acne”. Several studies show that green tea is very beneficial to skin care. Even just having a cup or two every [...]