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Tea Gifts Shop

Tea Gifts Shop makes it easy to buy Tea Gifts, Baskets
 Tea Gifts Shop
The holidays are near and it’s a wonderful time to share the gift of tea with someone who truly loves tea for its holistic healing and social enjoyment. The online tea gift store, Tea Gifts Shop, has dozens of tea gift sets to [...]

Tea Accessories

What’s in a good tea accessory for you? Some would prefer the “tumbler“. But it is all pretty simple. Just place the tea in the bottom of the glass cup, fill with hot or cold water & ice, replace the stainless steel strainer.
Some would prefer the fancier side with these magical little tea strainers that you [...]

Tea Storage

Keep tea away from moisture
Expensive tea, like the DanCong Oolong pictured above, must be stored in a moisture proof caddy.  Once a bag of tea is opened, please finish it within 3 months if you wish to enjoy its freshness.  From the medical point of view, it is safe to consume the tea even if [...]

Tea Tins, Caddys, & Storage

Tea should be stored in a cool dark place void of light and moisture.
Tea is a commodity and, as such, has an expiration date.  Tea should not be stored for long periods of time.  Unless, of course, you are specifically aging tea (such as Puerh, etc.).
Tea Tins, Jars, or Caddys have been used throughout the [...]

Reading Tea Leaves Part II

Reading Tea Leaves
GYPSY’S SECRET… The Tea Reading

Put a pinch of tealeaves in the cup and pour boiling water over them, allowing it to stand about three minutes. Drink the contents of the cup leaving tealeaves and a very small amount of liquid in the bottom.

The person whose fortune is to be told, call the [...]

Tea Accessories

We had a chance to review‘s accessories section and were very pleased with everything they had to offer. Here is just a few tea accessories they had to offer: STEEL & GLASS TEA TUMBLER, Tea Caddy, Bamboo Tea Scoop and Tongs and Tea Brush. Overall I was pretty impressed with the selection and hope [...]

The Mystery Of Clay Teapots

So, you just purchased your first clay teapot.  It is a scary place to start!
If the teapot is not broken in, you’ll need to do so.  But don’t worry, it’s easy!
(a) Rinse the tea pot with normal water.
(b) Put the lid on, and then rinse the tea pot with hot water.
(c) Open the lid, and pour the hot [...]