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How to Serve High Tea at Home The Proper Way

Next to rare roast beef, “High Tea” has to be Britain’s most significant contribution to international cuisine. The practice of having a “cuppa” and a snack at 4 o’clock has become a rock-solid culinary custom in Britain and its former colonies, as well as being a favorite treat among Anglophiles everywhere. Now teatime is becoming a global alternative to entertain guests when getting better acquainted is the main objective.

Glass Tea Kettle

Glass Tea Kettle
A glass tea kettle is used for many things besides making tea.  You can boil water in it for various other reasons too.  But, the chief reason for using the tea kettle is to make tea.
Super clear transparent glass tea kettles are the ideal vessel to make tea in.  They do not impart [...]

Blooming Teapot

Blooming Teapot
What is a Blooming Teapot anyway?  Well, simply put, it is a glass teapot with the express purpose of brewing blooming tea. It seems simple, but there’s more.  The blooming tea process needs room for the tealeaves to unfold and enable the visually stunning flower to envelope.
As with all good quality tea leaves, they [...]

The Mystery Of Clay Teapots

So, you just purchased your first clay teapot.  It is a scary place to start!
If the teapot is not broken in, you’ll need to do so.  But don’t worry, it’s easy!
(a) Rinse the tea pot with normal water.
(b) Put the lid on, and then rinse the tea pot with hot water.
(c) Open the lid, and pour the hot [...]