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Utilizing Superfoods and Tea for Weightloss

One of the latest fads in the dieting circle is the appearance of the superfood. Although some consider “superfood” being an over-used term used to provide a marketing tool, the foods which have gotten this moniker have obtained it for a reason. Superfoods are in general loaded in nutritional value and health promoting qualities.The Oxford English Dictionary describes “superfood” as “a natural food regarded as especially beneficial because of its nutrient profile or its health-protecting qualities.”

Wellness Coaching – Cancer Loves Sugar

In 1850, the average American consumed about 20 pounds of sugar annually. Today, the average American currently consumes 141 lbs of sugar (an overflowing wheelbarrow full) annually. The 2011 USDA estimates the average American consumes about two tons of sugar (enough to fill up a dumpster) in a lifetime. Yes, that’s per person.

Tea Is Healthy

Tea is Healthy
Recent research exploring the potential health attributes of tea is leading many scientists to agree that tea, both black and green, may contribute positively to a healthy lifestyle.
“Fruits, vegetables, and tea all contain important antioxidants. Research suggests these phytonutrients may contribute substantially to the promotion of health and the prevention of chronic disease.
For [...]

Rosacea skin care miracle

If utilized intelligent and based on the requirements and symptoms manifested by a patient, the Rosacea skin care solutions could be quite effective. Since the symptoms of Rosacea varies from patient to patient, from flushing of the skin to pimples and red zones, the skin doctor must concentrate precisely around the individual`s needs to prescribe the right Rosacea skin care products. The condition might be a little more severe if someone manifests a mixture of the symptoms pointed out above. In every single case, you need to look for the right products depending on your requirements.

Buy Herbal Tea

Buy Herbal Tea for Everything that Ails You, your Body
 Buy Herbal Tea
Herbal tea, it is widely known, has many properties to help the body and its immune system. While many tea lovers have searched high and low for one place that provides all their herbal tea needs a new website has cropped up that does [...]

Chocolate Tea

Chocolate teas usually rely on cocoa kernels for their chocolatey taste. A few will get a cocoa-like taste through the use of carob pods, a popular chocolate-substitute from the Mediterranean. Both tea and chocolate are known to have medicinal qualities, particularly when it comes to combating cardiovascular disease, so partaking of these “decadent” drinks needn’t [...]

Lower Caffiene Tea

I need to cut down/out caffeine!
This society runs on caffeine…that is until we realize that we are run down, because of the stress that too much caffeine puts on our adrenal glands, which then make us feel sluggish. Caffeine can also disturb sleep, making it difficult to perform our usual tasks without reaching for [...]

Are You Too Old To Start Drinking Tea?

You’re never too old to start drinking tea!  The has many tea choices. GABA, Jaogualin, and many other powerful anti-oxidants combined with all natural Organics for a powerful blend of GABA for longevity and youthful vitality. A delicious way to grow older gracefully!  Start now, it’s never too late!

3 Simple Diet To Improve Your Eyes

Eye exercises have helped most people improve their eye sights. However, eye exercises are not meant to strengthen eye muscles, but to relax them. According to the Bates theory, the cause of blurred eyesight, chronically tense muscles causes the eye to become distorted from its naturally spherical shape. For instance, nearsightedness is caused when tense muscles elongate the eye, when it flattens the eye, it causes farsightedness. Therefore, eye exercises help to relax these external eye muscles and allow the eye to maintain its normal spherical shape. One of the causes of chronically tense muscles is staring.

Acne Victim No Longer – That’s Me, I Drink Tea!

If you suffer from acne, you know what a strain it can put on your self image. It’s hard to feel good about yourself when your face is broken out! Read on for some tips on managing and curing your condition! Soon you’ll be looking better and feeling better.