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Don’t Over Brew Tea

The biggest mistake made in brewing tea is to over brew it!
This is a fact, and is the most common mistake made when brewing tea.   Not how long you brew it, but, forgetting about the tea entirely, Then, coming back later to find out that you’ve way over brewed it. In this world [...]

China Going Coffee Crazy?

China, coffee “revolution” threatens tea
Rapid increase in the consumption of coffee, preferred by young people to traditional tearooms. Starbucks and other large corporations see only profit margins and push for a greater production of coffee in Yunnan province, which has always grown the best tea in China.
Beijing (AsiaNews / Agencies) – A real revolution in [...]

Can Green Tea Improve Skin Health?

Tea For Healthy Skin

Tea For Healthy Skin
If you search for skin care there might be a chance that you run into a product along the lines of “Green Tea Lotion” or “Green Tea for Acne”. Several studies show that green tea is very beneficial to skin care. Even just having a cup or two every [...]

The Mystery Of Clay Teapots

So, you just purchased your first clay teapot.  It is a scary place to start!
If the teapot is not broken in, you’ll need to do so.  But don’t worry, it’s easy!
(a) Rinse the tea pot with normal water.
(b) Put the lid on, and then rinse the tea pot with hot water.
(c) Open the lid, and pour the hot [...]