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Earl Grey Tea History

By Houston Bigelow
In 1833, good ol’ Earl Grey – then the Prime Minister – suspended the monopoly that the East India Company had on trade with China. (A decision that probably also influenced the creation of Darjeeling tea plantations.) Back then, the scenting of bergamot oil was added to black tea to protect it from [...]

Don’t Over Brew Tea

The biggest mistake made in brewing tea is to over brew it!
This is a fact, and is the most common mistake made when brewing tea.   Not how long you brew it, but, forgetting about the tea entirely, Then, coming back later to find out that you’ve way over brewed it. In this world [...]

Blend Your Own Tea

How do you blend you own tea?
Well, it’s pretty easy once you get the knack of it!
First of all, understand there are teas and tisanes.  Teas use the Camellia Sinensis leaf in one of many varieties or forms: White, Green, Oolong, Black, & Puerh teas are the basic varieties.  Tisanes are all teas made from [...]

Almond Teas Are Not Alike

Almonds are a member of the genus Prunus, which also includes plums, cherries and apricots. Despite its commonly-used classification, the almond is actually a seed, not a nut. Almonds originated in Persia and have long been a central part of Middle Eastern cuisine. In holistic medicine, almonds are believed to aid digestion, prevent cancer and [...]

The Right Teas Can Boost Your Health Like Black Tea

There are numerous teas that have certainly been consumed throughout the ages. They are primarily mixtures of plants, the leaves and sometimes the blossoms, by simmering them that includes water. Teas may be consumed warm or cold and are employed for an assortment of ailments. Teas of different sorts are consumed worldwide.

Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea a Sacred Gift from the Ages
Chinese tea
Chinese tea has long been coveted by travelers and merchants alike for centuries. In a global market world, it has become easier to obtain tea from China where it once was heavily guarded. Chinese tea has always been the standard when measuring any tea for its flavor [...]

Can Green Tea Improve Skin Health?

Tea For Healthy Skin

Tea For Healthy Skin
If you search for skin care there might be a chance that you run into a product along the lines of “Green Tea Lotion” or “Green Tea for Acne”. Several studies show that green tea is very beneficial to skin care. Even just having a cup or two every [...]